Sketches and photo of old house.JPG

Initial sketch ideas

A lovely couple called in to our studio after looking at our website.

They were full of ideas for a new window to go in their period property and brought in lots of photos. They also discussed art and styles they liked.

Becky happily got on with doing some sketches.

Approved design.jpeg

Approved design

The clients wanted a quirky scene, depicting their home, interests and family history, with a lake with a boat, farmyard themes, bluebells and sycamore, and bottle ovens, and possibly a dog.!

After discussions and amendments this design was approved. They loved the hen Becky added.

Half done.JPG

Windows part done

The design was printed off full size and, using modern methods, lead and colour was carefully applied. We used antique lead on clear glass and added some textures to the colours. 

Then the clients called in to the studio to see it part done. This means alterations can be made, and colour altered, this is no problem with modern methods.

added veg patch.JPG


They couple decided to add a bit more detail in the  grass area, a little vegetable patch as they are keen gardeners. Photos were emailed for approval, and the we got on with completing the window.

countryside scene with cow.jpg

Finished window from inside.

And here it is! There wasn't much of a view before from the old window, and this new frame and decorative glass looks amazing. we love the quirky innocent feel of this window.

from outside.jpg

View from the outside.

The glass is triple glazed, with the leaded pane in the centre for ease of cleaning and extra insulation, though this is not necessary. This was fun commission, and we quite miss the crazy cow in the foreground!