A client from Wistaston recently bought a beautiful Victorian Property, but one winter in it became clear it was time to modernise their existing glazing. With our expertise in leaded lights and experience fitting non standard frames, Modern Glass was the obvious choice for the installation.

Survey of bay window with original leaded lights.jpg

A Wooden Barrel bay

A beautiful original feature of the house, but its draughty, needs painting every year and its as rotten as a pear.

landing 6.JPG

Single glazed Leaded Lights

These Original leaded lights need a little work to restore them to there former glory. 

New 'Timeless' bay with original tops resized and endacpsulated.jpeg

Replacement bay window

After a lot of hard work the top leaded lights are restored, encapsulated and installed in to there new home. In the bottoms we simply used strip lead to copy the originals, but aged and soldered it to look like the tops. This is an economic way to copy plain leaded lights such as these. A new "timeless" flush sash bay window complete with monkey tail handles.

Restored and resized entranceway.

In the same property the clients wanted an insulated and secure new doorway. A composite door was chosen, but the glass area was larger than their original door leaded light. Sam designed a new layout, incorporating the original glass in the centre and using similar glass to the rest to make the extra rectangles. The rest of the glass was resized and thoroughly cleaned, making any repairs necessary.before being encapsulated into toughened glass units. The new doorway not only looks smart and is secure, but the style of the period property is maintained. Brilliant.